U14 Practice Drills
Team Keep Away
30 by 30 yard (Use cones to mark the box).  Choose two players as defenders.  The rest are on an offense that has to keep one ball away from the two defenders by dribbling away from pressure or passing the ball to a teammate for as long as possible without losing the ball or the ball going out of bounds.  Take note of how much time that the team keeps possession of the ball before losing it.  Rotate defenders and try to beat the best time.
Goal Gates
30 by 30 yard (Use cones to mark the box).  Make up two teams with 3 sets of gates (a gate equals two cones that are 2 yards apart) on the field (away from out-of-bounds lines) spaced equally around the field (These are the goals).  Scoring is passing the ball through the gate (either side of the gate).  A goal cannot be scored back-to-back through the same goal.  8 minute games with the winner being the team with the most goals.

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