U8 Practice Drills
The Glob
20 yd by 20 yd box. (Use cones to mark the box) Everyone has a ball except the Glob.  Choose two people as the Glob who has to join hands.  The kids dribble from one side to the other side of the box trying to avoid being touched by the glob or having their ball kicked out.  If that happens they become part of the Glob by holding hands.  Icky!!!! Last one not in the Glob wins.
Look What I Can Do!!
Show the kids a soccer skill and have them repeat it.  When they do it, PRAISE them!!  Use a lot of positive encouragement.
Knock Down the Cones
Put cones out in a random pattern.  Give every kid a ball.  Have them dribble out and try to knock as many cones over with the ball as they can.  The one with the most cones knocked down wins.  Beware of miscounting!!!!!!

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