U5 Practice Drills
Gather the Gummy Bears 
Throw balls out randomly in every direction and have the kids go get them and dribble back to you.  But remind them not to eat the soccer balls.
Soccer Slalom
Put cones out to form a slalom lane and have the kids dribble through the slalom lane as they try to stay inside the cones. Uh-oh…Don’t wipe out!!
Around the World
You’re an airplane!!! Go to Italy, go to France but take the ball with you.  Hopefully, it won’t take 80 days.
Make-Believe Gates
Make a bunch of gates (a gate equals two cones that are 2 yards apart) spaced randomly and let the kids dribble out through the gates and back to you.  One gate is Candyland.  Another gate is Romper Room.  Go meet the Wiggles at this gate.  Do you get the picture!!!!!

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